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Arabian and Fjord Horses

Welcome! After the reset I decided to branch out and bring Arabian horses into my operation to try my hand at also starting a breeding program for a more popular horse. With both breeds however, I have a rating system to determine their overall value. This "rating" is reflected in their barn name and is the base of how I decide what horses to keep when I start to cull the herd, and also determines their stud price and the minimum that I will sell them for. Obviously a higher rating means a higher stud fee and sale price, but I try to keep it reasonable for anyone else who may be trying to use my horses in their breeding goals. In further detail it also helps me pair up possible breeding matches to try and increase my overall foal quality. Sometime within the next few weeks or months, I should be reaching my personal maximum capacity for horses so expect to see more horses for sale.

Arabian Horses

My goals for this breed are simple: any color, any pattern, clear of genetic disorder and conformation faults, with a special trait and high stats.

My Arabian Foundation Horses

Grand Champion <RDR> Selcouth Trouvaille Custom Olive Grulla Silver Pintaloosa Stallion
<RDR> Dulcet Sauterne Custom Classic Grulla Rabicano Leopard Mare
<RDR> Elysian Serein Custom Linebacked Classic Cream Mare
<RDR> Felicity Rasasvada Custom Apricot Dun Mare

Fjord Horses

My goal for the Fjords are similar to my Arabians, with the exception being that I will favor Duns and have decided against my original plan of having any pattern and will be breeding more for solid horses.

My Fjord Foundation Horses

BCh NCh <RDR> Crimson Cynosure Imported Chestnut Stallion
Grand Champion <RDR> Orphic Frisson Custom Linebacked Classic Cream Rabicano Pintaloosa Stallion
<RDR> Amaranthine Virago Imported Light Chestnut Frame Overo Mare
<RDR> Aphotic Sirimiri Imported Blue Roan Blanket Mare
BCh NCh ACh *Top 10 Horse of ER-V* <RDR> Nubivagant Wanderlust Imported Amber Champagne Mare
BCh NCh <RDR> Blithe Susurrus Custom Linebacked Amber Cream Mare

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