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15 February 2017
Congratulations to our Grand Champions this month:

BCh NCh ACh GCh šωä Heksekost (Import)
BCh NCh ACh GCh šωä Nordlys (Import)
BCh NCh ACh GCh Murphy's Law šωä (Import)
BCh NCh ACh GCh šωä Alpenglow (Import)

Keep an eye on these horses in our Show String:

BCh NCh ACh šωä Elskling (Import)
BCh NCh ACh Banner in the Sky šωä (Import)
BCh NCh šωä Compass Rose (Import)
BCh NCh šωä Muesli (THF Andiamo x šωä Trail Mix)
BCh šωä Sukker (Flyttblokk šωä x šωä Elskling)
BCh šωä Trollhassel (Flyttblokk šωä x šωä Heksekost)
BCh Matterhorn šωä (Banner in the Sky šωä x šωä Via Ferrata)

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